Our products request a wide variety of skills to design, manufacture and test.


  • Electronic design : circuit simulation, PCB design and bill of material tools

  • Mechanical design : 3D CAD software to produce direct models for 3D printing or CNC milling

  • Custom tools : High voltage transformer design tool

Plasma generator

Automatization is the key for low cost, rapid prototyping and quick delivery of operational products.

Our manufacturing tools : 

  • Three 3D FDM printer

  • Three 3D DLP printers

  • One 5 Axis CNC

  • One SMD Pick and Place 




Phase power line tester

  • Three phases

  • Real time power, current, voltage, THD_V & THD_I characterizations

  • Wi-Fi connected

Plasma discharge imaging

Endoscope inspection and image treatment for plasma discharge localisation

Thermal and microscopy imaging

power line tester
plasma discharge
plasma discharge localisation
termal imaging
microscopy imaging