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With our main center in HELIOPARC (64 000 PAU, France) , EFFITECH designs, manufactures and sells pulsed power systems based on efficient modules that can be adapted to our customers' needs.


For laboratories,

EFFITECH can provide pulsed power systems that best suit your requirements and that we can scale for production at the industrial level.​


For engineering industries

EFFITECH can provide the key technologies that you will transform in turn-key systems.

For end users

EFFITECH can be a partner involved in the optimized process you need.

For distributors

EFFITECH can provide the best pulsed power systems solution.   

Pulsed power applies to a wide range of applications where clean and energy efficient processes are sought. For example:

Pulsed Electric Fields ease the extraction process of organic materials.
Atmospheric Plasmas optimize the chemical functionalization of surfaces.

This approach permits low cost solutions for a wide range of applications and easy scale to meet both laboratories and industrials requests.

Générateur AC DC
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